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Voice Over for Commercial TV Spot by STUDIOS VOA

STUDIOS VOA is giving a voice to the latest Wiko commercial TV spot

In collaboration with the production company « La Planète Rouge », STUDIOS VOA produced the Voice Over for « Ufeel », the latest commercial TV spot for Wiko!

Voice Over Spot Web by STUDIOS VOA

STUDIOS VOA, at the heart of society with Humanis

In collaboration with the agency Adesias, STUDIOS VOA produced the french Voice Over for « The social dialogue », a video directed by Humanis.

Dubbing of Animated Serie Alpine Story by STUDIOS VOA

STUDIOS VOA completes dubbing for animated series Alpine Story

MK Production have entrusted STUDIOS VOA with the French and English Dubbing of its animated serie: « Alpine Story ».

Voice-over Monkey Bizness puppets by VOA VOICE STUDIOS

VOA gives speech to Monkey Bizness’ puppets!

VOA has carried out the recording, the broadcast of the playbacks during the recordings and the broadcast ready mixing of the teaser from the series, Monkey Bizness, coproduced by Passion Paris and the French TV group « France Télévisions ». 

workshop dubbing with STUDIOS VOA Paris

Dubbing discovery workshop with VOA

VOA Paris has opened its doors to the general public, for an immersion into the behind-the-scenes of Voice-Over and Dubbing, with the artist Yves Chenevoy, during a workshop organized for Paris’ residents.

Voice Over Yétili Dubbing Puppets

Voice-over for the french youth series: Yétili

STUDIOS VOA – VOA VOICE STUDIOS gives speech to Yétili’s Puppets!
Voice-over and sound post-production of the children series Yétili directed by STUDIOS VOA: Voice-over Casting, Recording, Broadcast of the Playbacks on set, Audio Post-production, Sound-design and PAD TV Mixing of the 24 episodes of the series broadcasted on the French TV channel France 4.

Fauda Netflix Series Dubbing VOA Voice Studios

Dubbing of the Fauda series broadcasted on Netflix

Dubbing in English and French of the Israelian series Fauda by VOA Voice Studios, Broadcasted on Netflix. Voice-over Casting, recording in our Miami Studios, as well as in our Montreuil Studios for the French version and Mixing of all the episodes in 5.1 and Stereo.

Alphasound, the studio sound expert in video games joins the group « Studios VOA! »

Alphasound, an expert in Voice Overs for Video Games, joined the Group « Studios VOA! » VOA VOICE STUDIOS opens itself to the Video Game market and strengthens it’s expertise and Voice Over Dubbing mastery with 2 new recording studios in central Paris! Discover our new audio production facility in Paris: ALPHASOUND! We are pleased to announce…

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Beacon Council's Annual Key Ceremony

VOA Voice Studios rewarded at the Beacon Council’s Annual Key Ceremony!

VOA Voice Studios rewarded at the Beacon Council’s Annual Key Ceremony! VOA Voice Studios rewarded by the Miami City’s keys!   On March 9, 2016, Studios VOA Miami was pleased to be honored by The Beacon Council with a Key to the County, by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez! 9 years after receiving the…

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The VOA Dubbing Event was a Success!

The VOA Dubbing Event was a Success! Thank you!   The VOA Team would like to thank all the participants for attending our VOA MIAMI DUBBING EVENT on Wednesday, March 2nd at VOA VOICE STUDIOS! Fun interactive dubbing, Virtual Reality viewing, 3D Mixing, Flying Drone, Cocktail… We had a lot of fun showcasing the possibilities…

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