A sporty dubbing job for Disney Channel, Gulli and Canal J!

Bande de Sportifs, that’s the name of the animated series recorded by VOA Voice Studios and broadcast on Disney Channel, Canal J and Gulli!

Volley-ball, Break dance, Ultimate, Rugby, Curling, Figure Skating… follow young Theo “an intrepid young reporter, as he meets with young athletes who talk with him about their discipline.

A sparkling series full of humor!

For this production that was carried out in partnership with SupamonkS Studio, VOA did the voice over casting, prepared the rythmo band, recorded the dubbing and provided the BROADCAST-READY mix of the project!

A sporty start to the school year with VOA!


Projet : Animated films Bande de Sportifs
Direction : SupamonkS Studio - Wrote and directed by Bakers 
with the participation of The Walt Disney Company (France) et Canal J et GULLI (pre-buyers)
Recording : VOA Voice Studios
Voice Over Talents: Coralie, Gwenaelle et Martial 

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Animated Films, Dubbing, VOA Voice studios Productions

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