STUDIOS VOA completes dubbing for animated series Alpine Story

Dubbing of Animated Serie Alpine Story by STUDIOS VOA

STUDIOS VOA completes dubbing for animated series Alpine Story

STUDIOS VOA is conquering mountains!

MK Production have entrusted STUDIOS VOA with the French and English Dubbing of its animated serie : Alpine Story!

An animated series full of powerful and charismatic voices, Alpine Story captures our imagination with eye-catching animation and endearing characters. The two main characters, Roggie and Coco, are inseparable friends whose purpose is to protect the valley where they live. During their journey, they will struggle against an evil spirit and meet a variety of fascinating characters along the way.

STUDIOS VOA produced the translation and adaptation, the Voice talent casting, as well as the Recording and Mixing of voices for Alpine Story. The American English voices were recorded in our Miami studio while The French voices were recorded in our Parisian studios. The VOA team also recorded the credits in both English and French.

Dive into the first episode and join us as we conquer the Alps!

Vidéo : episode 1 ENG version
from MK Production on Youtube
Project : ENG serie Dubbing Alpine Story
Direction : MK Production
Casting, Recording and Mixing : STUDIOS VOA 
Actors :
FRA : Franck, Frédéric, Perrine, Sylvain
ENG : Celia, Frédérick, Oscar, Rayner
Vocalist : Frédéric

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Animated Films, Dubbing, Extract broadcasted by the client, VOA Voice Studios, VOA Voice Studios News

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