STUDIOS VOA, at the heart of society with Humanis

Voice Over Spot Web by STUDIOS VOA

STUDIOS VOA, at the heart of society with Humanis

An instructional Voice Over for a spot committed to social care

Respect and equality are essential values for STUDIOS VOA, values we always seek to see reflected in our work. That is why we are proud to announce our part in producing Voice Over work for  « The Social Dialogue » a short video produced by Humanis, a firm renowned for it’s expertise in social care.

This is an educational video which expertly introduces the concept and importance of social dialogue. Through high quality instructional Voice Over and illustrations, the film explores a number of different topics including strikes, social rights, and how the digitalization of our society affects the social dialogue.

STUDIOS VOA was responsible for the Casting, Recording, and Sound design of the french Voice Over, in collaboration with Adesias agency.

Click below to discover the video !

Video : Le dialogue social - Humanis
from Adesias on Youtube
Project : Commercial spot Humanis
Direction : Adesias
Recording : STUDIOS VOA 
Voice Over : Myrtille

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Extract broadcasted by the client, International, Spots Web

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