Dubbing discovery workshop with VOA

workshop dubbing with STUDIOS VOA Paris

Dubbing discovery workshop with VOA

A beautiful moment of exchange!


Who has never dreamed of embodying one of their beloved fictional characters? Who has never dreamed to play the lines of their favorite actors?

VOA Paris has opened its doors to the general public, for an immersion into the behind-the-scenes of Voice-Over and Dubbing, with the artist Yves Chenevoy.

An amazing interaction between the VOA Team, the artists and the participants, who were all able to discover how a live recording works behind the scenes! And what better way to understand the work of a dubbing artist than embodying your favorite film and series characters?

After a brief explanation of how the lip-sync band works, for the purpose of the IV (International Version) and the importance of placement in front of the microphone. It is time to put it all into practice! The task is not easy, nevertheless, our apprentice artists got caught up in the game, driven by Yves’ friendly advice.

After numerous recordings, it is time to discover the final version in the control room with the sound engineer: Recording, voice timing, sound-design, 7.1 MixingA real discovery of Dubbing’s backstage!

Thanks to all the participants for their curiosity and for this incredible experience of learning the art of Dubbing.


VOA Dubbing Workshop in Paris VOA Dubbing Workshop in Paris VOA Dubbing Workshop in Paris


Posted on March 1, 2017 in Dubbing, Event, VOA Voice Studios

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