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Record your projects around the world, in high-quality!

Record in Digital Duplex with VOA Voice Studios

The VOA Voice Studios are equipped with an ISDN link which allows you to record and follow your recording sessions in digital duplex with optimal sound quality and extreme ease! With VOA Voice Studios, access remote voice over recording and simultaneous data transfer services, with the guarantee of high quality sound!

Test VOA’s high connectivity!

Are you equipped with ISDN technology? Wherever you are in the world, VOA Voice Studios allows you to:

 ISDN technology allows you to connect remotely to VOA Voice Studios from around the world.

Are you abroad and you want to record with one of the Casting VOA actors? Thanks to an increased throughput, our equipment allows you to carry out recording sessions in digital duplex with actors based in our studios in Paris, the United States, or their countries of origin, for your voice overs in French, English, and over 60 languages… even some of the rarest languages!

 Follow the recording session along with one or many of your collaborators from anywhere around the world!

If you can’t come to the studio, follow the recording session remotely, just as if you were there, with the guarantee of a professional and high-quality result!

Particular requirements that you need to communicate? ISDN will allow several people to connect to VOA Voice Studios and follow the recording session easily and with high-quality listening conditions for optimal interaction, even remotely, for your voice recording session. Communication between you and the actor, the sound engineer and your collaborators is fluid and efficient, allowing you to carry out your voice over projects without limitations imposed by distance!

 Communicate verbally and exchange data simultaneously with incredible ease!

ISDN also allows several sources to connect and to share a large volume of digital data (texts, music, etc.) between yourself, your collaborators and our studios, very quickly

With VOA Voice Studios, remote voice recording knows no limits!


In addition to ISDN, VOA Voice Studios also has a Source Connect, iPDTL and Skype link which also allow you to remotely follow your recording sessions and to exchange data flows. For your recording sessions on the other side of the world and wherever you are, choose the means of communication that suits you best! With VOA, you have options!



What is ISDN?

ISDN* is a digital communication link which uses a high bandwidth, allowing information transfer and high-quality remote recording sessions, thanks to a fixed and stable transfer rate.

This link thus allows you to record and send large volumes of data simultaneously: voice, image, text and even video, all remotely, easily and with high quality!

* Integrated Services Digital Network

With VOA Voice Studios, record your voice overs from around the world!


For any questions about our remote recording solutions, contact the VOA team!



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