Discover VOA Voice Studios’ Miami studio for your international projects!

VOA Voice Studios (Voix Off Agency) is expanding to the United States. We’ll welcome you to our 1000 sqft office, ideally located in the Coral Way neighborhood in the heart of Miami, near the major roads.

Increased production capacity, even faster response times, meeting the needs of our international clients, offering an even greater selection of voices and a greater capacity to meet your voice over needs: these are the ambitions of VOA Voice Studios in Miami!

Our Miami space

With a recording studio comprising a spacious control booth, a comfortable sound booth specially configured for voice over, and high-quality material, we guarantee you highly-competent service for all your voice over needs!

With an 1000 sqft office and a large control room, VOA Voice Studios offers their American clients a warm and friendly place in the heart of Miami for their voice over recording needs.

What’s more, our American studio, equipped with high-quality, high-performance material, guarantees our clients ideal listening conditions!

Meet the VOA Miami team!

Our Services

VOA Voice Studios in Miami offers their American and French clients their expertise in the field of voice over and dubbing to collaborate with you on even more projects in France and internationally.

With more than 1000 voice over actors in over 60 languages on file, (www.casting-voa.com) and experienced directors and casting professionals, VOA Voice Studios will carry out castings for your French, American and international voice overs to localize your projects around the world.

VOA Voice Studios in  Miami allows the VOA team to increase their voice over production capacity, to work with an even quicker response time and to collaborate and establish partnerships around the world, while offering you an even wider selection of voices and services, notably a savoir-faire that is adapted to the American market and a favorable time difference!

Our Equipment

Voice Over Recording Studios

– Vocal Booth

– Pro Tools workstation

– C24 control surface

– SPL Tube Preamplifier

– Neumann Microphones

– Video viewing in vocal booth


Finalization of all your recording and video projects :

– Mixing Audio

– Pro Tools Workstation

Synchronos workstation to create rythmo band for dubbing

– Video Editing Workstation

Color Correction workstation equipped with Da Vinci Resolve 11 software and Flanders scientific monitors

– Adobe Creative Cloud softwares

ISDN: VOA Voice Studios offers you high connectivity

ISDN hardware

– High Speed Internet Connection

– Secured Wifi Connection

– secured ftp server









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