Clean-up, Mixing, Sound Design, Musical Composition, trust VOA Voice Studios with the sound post-production of your projects!


Guidance for all your sound post-production needs

  • Precise clean-up of imperfections and mouth noises
  • 7.1, 5.1, Binaural and stereo mixing.
  • Sound Design
  • Original Music Composition

VOA Voice Studios will guide you throughout the sound post-production and music composition for your projects


Clean-up and Mixing

After recording the voice over, VOA Voice Studios will take care of the precise clean-up of mouth noises and imperfections in your sound files to provide you with high-quality voice overs!

What’s more, thanks to our studios, equipped with Pro Tools HD and LE, as well as our six 7.1 and stereo mixing auditoriums, VOA Voice Studios guarantees you a high-quality mix and a professional result for all your audiovisual projects.


Sound Design and music Composition

The sky is the limit for your project! VOA Voice Studios will take care of everything: Do you need music? Sound effects?

Our team will carry out the sound design of your project.

VOA Voice Studios also offers an original music composition service in collaboration with a professional composer based in our Miami studios.

Post Production et musique - Studios VOA - Voix Off Agency

Trust VOA Voice Studios for the sound post- production of all your voice projects for a result that is always high-quality!

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