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For your voice over castings, discover CASTING VOA, VOA VOICE STUDIOS’ VOICE OVER CATALOG


A vast selection of voices from more than 1000 native speaker actors in over 60 languages.



Discover our online voice catalog: CASTING VOA

For your voice over castings, VOA Voice Studios makes their voice over catalog available to you directly online, free of charge: www.casting-voa.com. This site allows you to listen to the voices of VOA Voice Studios that are available for your project and to lets you carry out your voice pre-casting in a few clicks.

Casting VOA is the voice over casting service that will save you time!

Wondering how to chose the best voice for your project? The Casting VOA web site will quickly put you on the right path thanks to it’s real time, multi-criteria search engine! Tone of voice, age, style, type of project… Select your voice over demos based on precise criteria defined by the VOA Voice Studios casting directors.

Casting VOA - Voice over talents over 60 languages

Casting VOA in a few words:

1000 native speaker voice over actors
60 languages
a multi-criteria search engine  
a personalized space to create and share your castings
request an estimate in one click

Casting VOA is the voice over casting tool that will save you time!


Do you need personalized advice, a rare language or a voice over casting tailored to your needs?

Our team is here to carry out a casting that is adapted to your needs and the requirements of your brief!


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