VOA gives speech to Monkey Bizness’ puppets!

Voice-over Monkey Bizness puppets by VOA VOICE STUDIOS

VOA gives speech to Monkey Bizness’ puppets!

Discover the Teaser of the Monkey Bizness series


Discover the Teaser of the Monkey Bizness series, directed by the Passion Paris Production team and for which VOA has produced the voices!

Adapted from the eponymous comic written by Rémi Zaarour (POZLA) and Boris Dolivet (ELDIABLO), Monkey Bizness is an animated series composed of a clever mix of puppets, 2D animations, and real life setting.

A humoristic series directed by Pozla and Jack Antoine Charlot and coproduced by the French company “France Télévisions”.

For this humorous project, VOA has carried out the recording, the broadcast of the playbacks during the recordings, and the PAD TV Mixing of the project!

Discover the teaser below!

from Passion Paris on Vimeo.
Project: Teaser of the Monkey Bizness TV Series 
Direction: Passion Paris Production
Broadcaster: France Télévisions
Recording: STUDIOS VOA 
Voice-Over: Hafid F-Benamar et Ismael Sy Savane

Posted on March 8, 2017 in Animated Films, Extract broadcasted by the client, VOA Voice Studios

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